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Nothing can be truer than what the science fiction writer Frank Herbert said. “He who controls the spice controls the universe.” If you go back to the times when Ayurveda was the norm more than four thousand five hundred years ago, you would see that spices such as turmeric were their go-to natural healing spice. It is seen as a powerful crop that was then used as both food and medicinal. 

So it is no wonder then that when you buy turmeric protein and powder, you immediately think that you have almost complete control of your health. As a botanical supplement, it is a good alternative to other modern forms of medicine. Here are some of the reasons why.

It has anti-inflammatory properties

People from all walks of life have different health needs due to several factors – age, family medical history, environment, and lifestyle are just some of them. But regardless of one’s well-being, turmeric works on everyone. It contains curcumin, a bioactive compound that has strong medicinal properties due to its anti-inflammatory levels. 

Chronic inflammation is dangerous to one’s health because it is a major factor in illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, debilitating heart conditions (a stroke or heart attack), and metabolic syndrome. But when you buy turmeric protein, it is easier to counter any inflammatory illness. The high curcumin content fights internal swelling at a molecular level. It is said to block a specific inflammatory-related molecule (NF-kB), a key player in the illnesses mentioned above. 

It is a better alternative to modern medicine

Compared to traditional methods, modern medicine has been in existence for around a hundred years. Alternative medicine has survived a lot longer than they have. While continuous scientific data mining is currently underway, the ancient ancestors used turmeric to prevent and treat any disease. Aside from its anti-inflammatory and cancer-inhibiting properties, it is also a well-known antioxidant that repairs cells and DNA. Numerous studies have shown that it is likewise a potent compound that is anti-microbial, anti-mutagenic, and antifungal, making it an all-in-one product. 

It is easier for the body to absorb

You ingest turmeric in several ways. It can be eaten as a regular root crop, but there are other ways to take them. However, for most people, taking it in powder form is easier and more efficient. You can sprinkle it on your dish during the cooking process, or you can make it as a soothing tea. Plus, if you put it in liquid like a protein shake, it is immediately absorbed by the body. You do not need to wait for the capsule to break down before absorption. 

It can aid your journey against depression

Several studies showed that there is a connection between chronic inflammation and depression. Whether used alone or with a fellow herb (saffron), the research revealed that it helped reduce the depressive symptoms. Since turmeric reduces oxidative stress, it also lowers inflammation. The results are promising, especially for those who are currently suffering from either mild depression or major depressive disorder (also known as MDD.) 

It is best to note that turmeric will only work if it has high curcumin content. If you get it from just the regular spice, it may not be enough. So, taking a supplement such as a turmeric protein or powder may be the best option to achieve optimum health.