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Commercial Wallpaper Trends

Keeping up with the ever-changing trends in wallpaper design isn’t easy when there are so many options to choose from. The colors and pattern choices for 2020 are beautiful, featuring warm and soft color schemes and lots of busy and bold patterns that feature natural earthy elements. Based on our research, we’ve included some of the top commercial wallpaper design trends for 2020 to help make your selection process easy.

Classic Blue: Pantone’s Color of the Year

The color of the year and leader of trends for 2020 as announced by Pantone, was Classic Blue. Choosing this year’s special shade for the commercial wallcovering of your project ensures that your space is on the cutting edge of color fashion. Accompanying colors for Classic Blue include lighter shades of blue as well as peach and taupe. Combining these colors will add a warm ambiance to the room that you’re designing. Pair the color of the year with a complimentary classic deep blue to add a professional touch to any commercial space, like a corporate office or boardroom. Check out the Anya Larkin collection from Koroseal for a number of options in this en vogue shade of blue.

Heavily Patterned Florals

Busy, flowery patterns are one of the top choices for commercial wallpaper this year. Patterns with bold flowers such as chintz styled wallpapers bring a lively, earthly feel to your interior. With as much time spent inside as we have in 2020, bringing a natural feeling into your space can help add a sense of calm to your surroundings and mitigate stress. Not only do these floral make the walls pop, but they also allow the room to feel bigger than it actually is. Some great heavily patterned floral commercial wallcoverings can be found in collections by Seabrook and Koroseal.

Three Dimensional Wallcoverings

Contrary to the popular idea that wallpaper is generally boring, three-dimensional wallpaper can instantly bring a room design into the future. These types of commercial wallcoverings are generally better suited for contemporary design themes by adding a heavily textured and colorful look to the walls. Look into offerings from Seabrook and Koroseal for great examples of this specific theme, especially from the Sondra Alexander collection.

Geometric Designs

Utilizing geometric shapes and lines on commercial wallcoverings can bring a fresh and modern feeling to commercial interiors. These styles of wallpaper can make a room instantly feel more organized and clean as the even spacing helps to calm the mind. Using prominent shapes and lines can also refresh a space with more dated architecture to appear more contemporary and stylish. The Studio Source collection is an excellent brand to research when looking for a geometric wallpaper.

Retro Styles

There is a saying in a fashion that what’s old will always become new again; this saying rings true not only for clothing but for interior design and wallpaper as well. Commercial wallpapers that are inspired by designs from popular eras like the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s are a way to bring that old school glamour to commercial spaces. The large bright shapes and waves featured in the 1970’s wallpaper, for example, can certainly bring about a disco mood. Some commercial wallpaper designs that give off that throwback feeling can be found in the Oren Sherman collection.

Depending on who the architect, contractor, or interior designer is, a subdued look from a Classic Blue scheme may be a great fit, or a bold and lively three-dimensional wallpaper may be a better choice for your commercial space. Whatever mood you wish to create with your walls, you can trust that one of these five top choices for wallpaper this year will fit your design style and budget.

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