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Things to Check If Dryer Can Be Repaired

We all know how dryer uses a very simple system to fry the clothes where the inner drum rotates the wet clothes. It circulated heat air to collect the wetness and moisture and completely carry it through them to evacuate through the exhaust hosepipe. When the dryer gets any trouble, you need to fix it soon. 

Here are a few things to check when the dryer is not working. There are a few situations that can be explained here.

When the Dryer Won’t Turn On

If your dryer is not starting, then there are a lot of different things that could be causing the problem. Thus, you need to troubleshoot and find out the underlying cause. It may sound very simple but you are advised to check on the control setting of the machine to ensure that all the buttons are fully turned on and the start button is pressed on to start the dryer.

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You can check the power supply of the machine to ensure the dryer is getting proper electricity. For this, you can use simple electronic equipment such as a multimeter to check the voltage at the power outlet. 

Check the electrical panel to see if there are any problems with the breakers and if they have tripped. If the problem is with the electrical panel, then you can contact the electrician. The Dryer power cords are often prone to fraying due to the movement.

If there is a terminal block

The power needs to be switched on for this test so be very careful while you are working with the electricity. If you are not comfortable working with electricity, you should call an experienced dryer repair service person. 

If you are thinking of repairing it yourself, you can check the voltage with the help of a multimeter. Before checking, ensure you have removed the power cord access panel. If you find any fault in the terminal block, replace it. To replace the terminal, first, unplug it then remove it. 

Always look for the heating element that is found behind the back panel of the dryer. If there is any defect, you have to replace it. You can check the continuity via multimeter. First, remove the leads from the element and then troubleshoot the heating element.

Door Switch Problem

If there is lint or other debris collects around the door, the door switch does not work. This build-up can stop the door from completely closing. You can fix this easily by cleaning regularly and preventing any future occurrences. You need to open the cabinet to troubleshoot and find out the issue.

Thermostat problem

There are a number of different thermostats that are installed in your dryer. Thermostats have one simple job that is to regulate the inner temperature of the dryer. You can find that different thermostats work for dryer settings. Be sure to label the two wires so that you connect them in the same way.

The Start Switch Problem

If your find fault in start switch, then the dryer will not start. Hence, to fix this problem, you can remove the knob from the start button and then need to check it. 

If you have a multimeter, set it to RX1 and then remove the leads to the switch. Then, you can clip the probes to the terminals so that you get a reading of infinity. If you press on the start button and you get the reading of zero, then it is working well. If not, it needs replacement.

Noisy Dryer

There are a lot of moving parts in a dryer that often begin to make a noise. Sometimes there are squeaking and humming of the dryer. Too much noisy dryer means the glides are wearing off and even the blower wheel has a problem. The drum support rollers that support the drum in the dryer may also wear off and that is when the dryer becomes noisy. 

If you want your noisy dryer to be replaced, then make sure to replaces all these parts. The main belt that is around the drum can also be the possible reason why the dryer is so noisy.


Above are things about how you can do dryer repair if there are any problems. Even if your dryer is not producing any heat but it is noisy, then there might be a problem. Always clean the dryer’s vent so that there is no lint build-up. 

If you want to keep your dryer working, then you need to pay attention to the symptoms and signs that show it is failing. Regular dryer maintenance needs to be done like removing lint and cleaning the vent tube. The drum cleaning is also an important regular work as this helps to keep your dryer in good shape.

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