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Swimsuit Trends

Known for its splendid beaches and stunning coastline, Australia is a prime tourist destination, with nearly 10 million people visiting the country every year. This comes as no surprise, considering that the country has some of the best beaches in the world. To add to this, Australians are also characterised as having a more laid-back lifestyle, which makes it easy to immerse yourself into the culture. If you have been thinking of where to go for the summer, Australia may be just the place for you. As the sun starts to kick in, you know that it is time to hit the beaches, and thus, time to find the perfect swimsuit.

As you start scrolling through online stores or browsing physical shops, you may be wondering about the swimsuit trends for 2020. Finding swimwear in Australia is always a challenge because you want to find one that flatters your body. It can be so easy to get attracted to a photo that you see, but once you try it on, it can look very different because of the difference in styles for each body type. 

If you are unsure of what to get for your trip to Australia, here are some of 2020’s biggest trends in swimwear Australia has to offer. With these, you might be able to get some ideas and inspiration on what style you can get. 

Retro Sportswear

Swimwear designs have gone a long way, and are now more fashionable than ever. With the entrance of 2020, the retro sportswear style has become one of the biggest trends, with high-cut bottoms, sports colors, and so much more. Similar to clothing, the t-shirt twist has also made it to swimwear because of the retro and sporty look that they give. You may also find one-piece suits with sporty zippers for a unique design.

Tropical Print

This 2020, tropical prints are the massively trending swimwear in Australia–right off the runway. Several designers have featured jungle designs and forest-like colours with vivid blooms to showcase the beautiful tropical weather during summer. Whether you prefer bright and attractive colours to more muted and darker colours, you will surely find a piece that you like.


High-cuts have made a comeback as a throwback to the ’80s. This style gives off the illusion of a longer leg and a flatter tummy, so what is there not to love? You can find high-cut one-piece suits or high-cut bottoms to achieve the same effect, so you have much liberty in deciding what you want. The most beneficial part is that you can find high-cut pieces in so many styles and designs, so whether you prefer solid colours or fun prints, you will easily be able to find them.

High-Neck Tops

Similar to how high-cuts are trending this year, high-neck tops have also become widely popular. This style is just one out of the many styles that are part of the “covered-up” trend in swimwear, so you do not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable on the beach. High-neck tops can also come in so many designs, with some having zippers, button closures, and cut-outs. 

This 2020, retro styles have clearly made a comeback. From higher cuts to fun prints and retro colors, there is so much versatility in what you choose to wear on the beach. Regardless of your body type or design preference, you can find one that will make you feel comfortable and confident. 

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