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Peyronies Disease

Peyronie’s Disease. If you’re not sure what it is, you’ll find out in this article, and if you do know what it is and are currently suffering from it, you’ll discover some timely help that can assist you in overcoming this somewhat sensitive male issue.

What are the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease? What is the solution? Can a urologist help you with Peyronie’s Disease?

Let’s find out.

What Is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition that affects the penis. It’s not a cancerous condition or anything life-threatening, but it can be inconvenient and embarrassing for males who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease. It can also be quite painful in some individuals.

Men suffering from this condition generally have a significant bend in the penis due to fibrous scar tissue build-up in the shaft following an injury. The most likely cause of one or several penile injuries that lead to Peyronie’s Disease are sexual injuries. The penis accidentally is dislodged from the vagina while thrusting. While the penis is dislodged, another thrust occurs, resulting in an injury to the organ.

Mishaps during sexual intercourse don’t always lead to causing harm to the penis, but it can happen. Injury to the penis could also be a result of playing sport or having an accident. For men who don’t readily recover from a penile injury, Peyronie’s Disease can be the result.

When a man suffers from this condition, not only can it lead to embarrassment and anxiety, the act of having sex can be painful or very difficult to accomplish due to the irregular shape of the penis. Penile shortening can also occur with Peyronie’s Disease.

Unfortunately, the condition doesn’t normally resolve itself. Without some professional help, men can go through the rest of their lives with Peyronie’s Disease.

The Symptoms Of Peyronie’s Disease

Before we go on to look at possible solutions to the problem, let’s quickly go over the typical symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease.

  • Scar tissue that can be felt beneath the skin of the penis as lumps or bands
  • Problems getting or maintaining an erection
  • A noticeable and unusual bend in the penis
  • A shortening of the penis
  • Experiencing pain during sex or when you have an erection
  • Pain in the penis without having an erection

What Are the Treatment Options For Peyronie’s Disease?

If you’re concerned about Peyronie’s Disease and are suffering from some or all of the symptoms above, you’ll want to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the problem in the first instance. Your doctor can examine the condition and you’ll gain a better understanding of what you’re dealing with and what treatment options are available.

A urologist is a specialist who deals in this part of the male anatomy. A urologist will have an excellent understanding of Peyronie’s Disease and the most effective ways to treat it.

When you consult with a urologist, one of the major goals will be introducing therapy to straighten a bent penis. Each patient is assessed on their particular condition and a plan is devised on an individual basis. This therapy may include topical electric current therapy known as iontophoresis.

There are also oral medications that can help a patient overcome Peyronie’s Disease, along with verapamil injections directly into the areas of scar tissue.

Other methods to straighten and lengthen the penis include the use of a vacuum device or penile extender.

If the condition is severe and doesn’t respond to these treatments, penile surgery to correct the problem may be necessary.

Seek Treatment If Your Suffer From Peyronie’s Disease

Don’t suffer in silence if you have this condition when there’s no need to. Talk to a urologist about potential treatments and cures for the problem. A urologist is an expert when it comes to treating Peyronie’s Disease and you’ll soon find peace of mind when you seek professional help. To find a good urologist in your location, just go online and search for terms such as “Peyronie’s Disease treatment in Sydney” or something similar. Just substitute Sydney with your location.

There is help available so your life can soon go back to normal as soon as possible.

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