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abaya for summer

The summers are on its peak now and girls wearing abayas face a lot of difficulty of warm material and sweat and even sometimes get ill due to this and are a concern to know which material is suitable for summers. The best fabric for abayas in summer are cotton and linen these days a lot of printed abaya online are available very easily. 

Types of Abaya:

There are many different types of abayas available these days in the previous era there was only one type which was sort of coat but nowadays considering the fashion trend and girls mostly a part of corporate culture designers came up with different types and style

  • Closed Abaya

Its very simple and elegant and mostly wore by many.

  • Open button Abaya

Its type of frock and maxi with button in the front.

  • Cardi Abaya

It’s the most trending and latest design and with no buttons looks good with jeans.

  • Kimono Abaya

Its similar to cardi but more of the Japenese style

  • Draped Abaya

Inspired by gowns and very comfortable and looks beautiful in floral designs

  • Two piece Abaya

It can be wore in both ways in closed button as well as cardi.

Materials And Designs 

These days  a lot of new designs and materials are available on shops as well asonline, floral and colour full materials on light cotton, viscose, linen, suimmer weight crepes and a lot more which feels very thin and light.

Summer colour for Abayas

In summer light colours are inn like

  • Fawn
  • Light Blue
  • Light Brown
  • Light Grey
  • Light Green 
  • Pink
  • Lime

These are the latest colour trend in abayas

Abayas Style

Thereare many latest trends available online, most common abayas style are Arabicand there are many Arabic abaya online shop as well as outlets in all regions and are very common. 

Latest Abaya Online Shops

These days shopping is not hectic all you want can be available on just one click whether its any home décor thing, dresses or abayas there for abaya and hijab online shopping there are several websites available in all regions.

Designer for Summer Abayas 

Many designer and branded abayas are available in Pakistan if you are brand lover and like to carry your self in elegant way with all the latest trends then you should visit for all the latest abaya’s designs. 

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If you are an abaya girl you don’t need to worry anymore about this hot weather and sweaty atmosphere there are many abayas available online and in markets to make you comfortable and happy during summer as well. With all-new designs and colors to make you look more beautiful. 

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