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You can start your business buying and selling wholesale kiln-dried firewood and make good money doing it full time or part-time and work for yourself, doing it. You don’t have to be out in the woods, chopping down trees, to sell firewood. But you certainly can, if you have the land and trees to do it. You can get firewood several ways if you don’t own any land. Some tree cutting, and landscaping companies, will gladly let you take away the leftover wood from their jobs if you like. That is less work for them to do, so they won’t have to cut, chip, and haul it away.

You could offer the homeowner, to take the problem off his hands, free of charge, that you will cut down the tree at no cost to them, and you will keep all the wood. Most people would surely say yes, as a tree service would charge them a lot, to cut down a tree. Now, here you are, offering to cut it down, and take it away for free.

Buying firewood is a task that many homeowners have to go through every year. For some, this is not always a pleasant experience. One of the biggest complaints I hear from my firewood customers is about firewood dealers who bringing them wood that is still green when they were promised would be dry. This is a common problem that is not going to go away soon, but buying your wood at the right time of year can keep you from experiencing this problem.

You can also order, and buy wholesale kiln-dried firewood, already cut and chopped to size, and ready to sell wholesale, if you don’t mind buying usually full truck loads of firewood for reselling. You can find those types of companies on the internet. You can pass out some of your fliers for firewood for sale, at grocery stores, markets, home improvement stores, gas stations, and more.

You could also offer, feed & farm supplies, hardware stores, nurseries, and more, a commission, if you can set up a few cords of wood for sale, at their place. The customer can load it up themselves, and you and the store owner, can both make a profit if you keep them supplied with firewood. You can contact state parks, campgrounds, sporting goods stores, surplus stores, and more, where you have wholesale kiln-dried firewood for sale, at wholesale prices

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