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You don’t have to spend a lot or do a complete renovation around your house to give it a refreshed look. Custom lights fixture makeover is the simplest and cheapest way to spice up the rooms in your house. Moreover, this makeover type increases the room’s functionality and provides an aesthetic boost without you having to spend a fortune.

Furthermore, updating your lighting with modern light, such as LEDs, could help you save more on energy as well as increasing the value of your home. Below are some ways to update your home’s lighting.

Update your lighting fixtures

Before replacing any bulbs around your house with LED, you first need to make a thorough assessment. Determine if some of the lighting fixtures are worth keeping, or an upgrade would give the space a better look and functionality. 

Impractical and outdated lighting fixtures are often missed in the design or renovation of a house, becoming an afterthought. If you ignore this for a long time, it will need more retrofitting and a lot of hassle.


This is a super versatile lighting option for almost anywhere around your house. Its sleek appeal and being the best for strategic lighting placement makes it a top choice for lighting updates. Downlight doesn’t only look great; it can also provide well-dispersed lighting that can be placed and directed for accent, task, and general lighting uses. This type of lighting is best installed around the kitchen, rooms with low ceilings, and bathrooms.

Track lights

With multiple lights attached to a track, track light is not as subtle as downlights but offers many of the same benefits. If you are currently using track lights and getting tired of its look, there are some ways to give it a fresh look without replacing them.

Refresh your old track lights by replacing the standard track lights with pendants. Hanging pendants come in many styles and color options. These lighting fixtures can convert your track lights from clunky and old-fashioned to chic and sleek.

Pendant lights

Aside from hanging pendants on track, individual pendant lights can also give your home a new look, thanks to its aesthetics and versatility. If you currently have pendant lights, you can replace their shades with something trendy, giving it a fresh appeal. 

Pendant shades come in different shapes, such as drums, globe, teardrop, and more, and various materials, like metal, glass, paper, crystal, etc. If you are adding new lighting fixtures, or replacing an old, single overhead light, install an odd number of pendants to have a unique lighting layout.


Chandeliers are one of the most popular lighting choices for home renovations. Talking about chandeliers, the first thing that will come into your mind is a large lighting fixture, overflowing with crystals over a formal dining table. However, chandeliers come in various types and use.

A chandelier in the living room provides an exciting centerpiece catching the attention of your guests. Whatever looks you want to feature in your room, chandelier fixtures have something to offer. These are just some of the guides you can follow if you want to refresh your home with a custom lights fixture. All it takes is a little creativity, and you can give your home an aesthetic boost.

Moreover, lighting updates can make your house energy-efficient, increasing its value if you decide to put it in the market for sale.

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