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How can I get 600+ in the NEET 2020?

Irrefutably, NEET(National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the most prestigious and coveted medical entrance exams in the country. Lakhs of students register to take part in the exam every year and the number only increases. This time around, nearly 16 lakh students are anticipated to appear for the exam. The level of competition that students taking part in NEET 2020 are about to face is expected to be fierce than ever. Hence, it is recommended to make smart choices and work towards it with whatever time left.   

The groundwork to achieve the desired goal remains in aiming and working towards it. Hence, if you target for a 600, your preparation will follow suit, leading you to score around that score or lesser. This is why one always needs to aim and target the highest. Aim to get 720 marks, your course of action will follow and perhaps you might end up getting more than 650+. 

Let’s say, if you have scored above 600 in NEET, that is a good score but what if your fellow candidates have scored above 650 on an average? Your 600+ will not be good enough then. How good a NEET score is depends on how difficult the paper of that particular year is, the highest marks achieved that year and such factors, consequently it is suggested to target full marks. 

Here with this article, we bring to you a list of steps you must ensure you have ticked with your NEET preparations. 

1. Aim higher 

“Aim above the mark to hit the mark” rightly justifies the situation. If you are looking at a score more than 600+, aim for higher than that score, say 660+ or so. Your preparation will be in accordance. 

Breaking down 660 out of 720 (total marks)

Biology – Must score 340+

Chemistry – Must score 160+

Physics – Must score 160+

2. Focus on Biology

With the above breakdown, it is clear that one needs to target at achieving that perfect score in Biology first. Honestly, it is not an uphill task. 90% questions in NEET are from NEET Biology books for NCERT. Yes, just following NCERT thoroughly is sufficient. However, if you are looking at 340+ in Biology, you need to cover that 10% question being asked from outside the NCERT syllabus by following the related NEET biology books suggested.


  • NCERT exemplar 
  • NCERT at your fingertips 
  • Previous years papers – MTG Publications 31 Years NEET Papers and Arihant’s 25 years’ AIIMS 

3. Move to other sections – Physics & Chemistry 

Take up and complete the do-or-die chapters for Physics & Chemistry first. Adapt this approach. Once you have covered the most important topics, then do the lesser important ones. 

4. Solve previous years’ question papers 

This is the most important. Solving papers not only help us get acquainted with the exam format but also helps us get an idea of important questions, recurring ones. In addition, solving papers is a great and effective tool to improve speed and accuracy which can act as a game-changer for one. Also, take up mock tests to assess your preparation level and analyze your performance. 

5. Study sources

NEET exam syllabus is vast as we know. It has nearly 97 chapters in total. Referring to irrelevant sources might just negate all your efforts. Studying from the right source is equally important. The market is swamped with tons of books. Your primary aim must be to master the NCERT source and then move to references. 

6. Have a positive mindset

NEET demands determination, hard work and consistency. One must stay motivated to achieve that perfect score you dream of. Take breaks, eat healthy, and have a proper sleep to stay relaxed and study well. More power to you!

These were some tips to help you achieve your perfect score, hope it helps. For more such information on NEET, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel

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