Guy’s Biggest Nightmare Happens After Getting Set Up On Two Dates On Same Night

This is why you can’t try the stuff you see in the movies. It always works when the dude is juggling two separate girls on the same night. They never fail.

This is real life and this dude was NOT so lucky. He posted his story on Reddit:

This happened 4 months ago, so not today but still recent. I had been struggling after my divorce to find girls. I had all of the apps but my confidence was low.

My wife got the house so I was living with a recently married couple who were saving money and that didn’t help the pain. I work with the guy and can’t complain about the cheap rent but I guess they didn’t like me around the house every night mopping.

They set me up on a blind date. I should have been happy there.

The first date was a blind date with one of my roommate’s wives kind of close friends this part is important. You will know why soon.

It was going good. We had dinner and some drinks at one of those bars where you can play yard games. While this was going on I was still in a convo with one of my matches on Tinder. This has been a month long process and didn’t seem like it was going anywhere until of course, tonight.

She wanted to hang out but I was out on this date.

That part I told you was important.  So I texted my friend asking more about her back story and she admitted that they aren’t that close but they still thought she would be a good match and get me out of the house. They didn’t know I already set up another date and if it wasn’t going to make them mad, I was going to blow this date off and go all in with my tinder date.

I got the check and paid for everything and told the girl I was tired and just going to head in for the night. We exchanged the awkward hug, almost kiss, handshake and went on our way.

I wasn’t going home, I headed 5 mins down the street to meet my Tinder date. Still pissed off at my roommate’s wife I texted them “will be out late dates going great” F*CK UP #1

Thinking they weren’t close friends… I didn’t think she would text her! This part is important later.

So my Tinder date is going awesome. We have had a few drinks. Both feeling each other and we head to the dance floor area. A few songs and shots later we are making out by the DJ booth and getting a little handsy. That’s when I feel something wet and pain on the side of my head.

I touch the “wet” and sure enough its blood. Tinder girl is screaming. I look behind me and blind date girl spider monkey jumps on her. I pass out.

Turns out she cracked a Corona bottle over my head.

Rewind on to how she found me. My roommate’s wife sent a text 2 hours after I left her “heard you guys are having a great time tonight and staying out late :)”

After exchanging more texts blind date girl convinced my roommate’s wife that she lost me while walking to the next bar. She asked her to get my pin from find my friends.

That is how she tracked me down. Say me making out with another girl after telling her I was going home and found the closest thing to smash over my head.

I didn’t press charges on her and had to get 3 stitches. Tinder girl hasn’t responded to any of my messages. Blind date girl is not getting a text. I think I am retiring from dating.

Tl;dr I went on two dates in one night, date one convinced my friend to give out my location. The night ended in the hospital after she cracked a bottle over my skull.



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