Guy Immediately Regrets Proposes To His Girlfriend On This “Romantic Bridge”

NOOOOOOOOO! The look on both of their faces says it all. From the happiest to just pure shock and sadness all in a matter of seconds.

According to Kansas City Star Dating for four years, Kansas City couple Seth Dixon and Ruth Salas were ready to take the plunge into marriage. They just never anticipated having to literally go diving for the engagement ring.

On Saturday evening that’s what happened, captured on a friend’s video, when Dixon got on one knee on the footbridge spanning a corner of the pond at Loose Park. He flipped open the box holding the $3,000 diamond engagement ring he is still making payments on.

Then, oops, the ring popped out of the box. It bounced twice, then fell through the bridge’s wooden slats. Dixon is captured on video on both knees, mouth agape, trying to grab it.

This paper didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. They asked the question on EVERYONE’S MIND:

Was this a joke video or a hoax?

“It’s absolutely real. I wish it wasn’t,” Dixon said on Monday. He works as an Uber driver in Warrensburg.

“We freaked out,” said Salas, a substitute teacher for the Liberty School District. “It ping-ponged from one plank to another. You could hear a little plop.”

“It is real. It happened,” said Maddie Villareal of Independence, who has known Dixon for 17 years, Salas for five, through Lifegate Church in Independence. She was there, videoing the proposal on her cellphone.

Check out the video below:

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