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Fence Posts

Building a fence can be a massive undertaking, but it’s not outside of the scope of a minimally handy homeowner. One of the keys to any quality fence installation is the setting of solid fence posts. Posts are the anchors of a strong, solid fence, so it’s critical that your posts are straight and strong. 

Fortunately, installing fence posts is easy thanks to the advent of rapid-set concrete for fence posts. Rapid-set concrete mix doesn’t need to be stirred, blended, or mixed, which means that using it in the confined space of a post hole is simple. By adhering to a few foolproof steps, you can set fence posts like a professional and set the stage for a fantastic fence build. Keep reading to learn a foolproof method for installing your fence posts.

Step 1: Dig Your Hole

The easiest way to get perfect post holes is to use a good post hole digger. In the absence of a dedicated digger, a narrow bladed shovel will work as well. Dig the hole about three times the width of the post. The depth of the hole should represent about a third of the height of the pole above the surface of the ground. 

Step 2: Gravel Up

It’s important to place gravel in the bottom of the hole before placing the pole in it. That’s because gravel allows you to level the pole easily. Make sure that you compact the gravel well so that it doesn’t shift when the concrete is added.

Step 3: Set the Post

Set the post on the gravel. You may want to utilize a few 2×4 braces to support the post and keep it in place. Once you think you have the post where you want it, pull out your level and make sure that the post is plumb. 

Step 4: Pour the Concrete

Open your bag of rapid-set concrete and pour about six inches of mix into the hole. Then you simply add the prescribed amount of water to the hole and let the concrete begin to set. Typically, your concrete will be solid within about 15 to 20 minutes, at which time you can remove the braces. You’ll still want to wait at least six hours before constructing your fence on the newly set posts. 

Thanks to rapid-set concrete for fence posts, installing fence posts can be done efficiently in only four steps. Even a modestly handy homeowner can build a fence when the posts are solid, and a rapid-set concrete mix can make that a reality. 

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