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Australia, especially the capital of NSW, Sydney, and Melbourne, are the main hotspots of dust mites breeding. As household owners, warding off dust mites are quite tricky, as it is the most common allergen source in drier inland areas. Around 20% of people have faced these allergies caused by dust mites at some point in their lives. Many advertisements claim for easy removal of dust mites. But regardless of what they say, no vacuum cleaner, dust mite spray, or dry cleaning can get rid of dust mites.  

However, there are techniques to minimise bed bugs infestation in your home. But best if you contact professional services like Chemdry Sydney, for upholstery cleaning first. It’s a surefire way to reduce the levels of dust mite allergens in bedrooms significantly. 

How to completely eradicate house dust mites in your home?

Dust mites in Sydney are a common trigger for asthmatic patients, and the bedroom is the site for a good exposure. Therefore, eradicating these bugs is critical.

Allergy researchers at the University of Sydney say that leaving your rugs and carpets under the sun for approximately 3 hours can kill dust mites. Still, it won’t get rid of its poo, body cells, and body parts, which are the allergens. What you can do is to wash rugs with soapy disinfectant water, then leave them outside to sundry. To prevent them from re-establishing and manifesting, do it as often as you can. You can also look for the experts in Chemdry, Sydney, for all kinds of the hygienic cleaning processes for all corners of your home.

Is it worth spending for professional upholstery cleaning in Sydney?

The idea of upholstery cleaning is to perform a thorough and deep cleaning that can kill bed bugs and eliminate their chances to grow. It only takes a little amount of filth for bed bugs to start developing and rapidly reproduce in carpets, beds foams, rags, and so forth.

Couches and rags can turn into a home for bacteria buildup weeks after purchase. Food crumbs, dead skin cells, oil, and grease promote termites breeding. However, if you ensure that your carpet, rug, or upholstery get a good cleaning service, then no need for stressing over when you’re sitting or lying on.

How much does carpet and upholstery cleaning services cost in Sydney?

Most cleaning services have a standard rate per room, and the size of the room can be a solid factor. Soiled carpet that is heavily stained can incur more costs than a standard clean. A thorough cleaning involves 4 to 6 stages for $20-$40. The usual rate for carpet cleaning is approximately $80-$100 for a minimum of the 2-bedroom unit and $90-$110 for a 3-bedroom unit.

Typically, each piece of upholstery, armchair, and recliner cleaning has its rates. The price for cleaning the couch can range from $70-$80, and a larger scale can vary between $100 and $150. And, a plus-size sectional sofa can cost you a bit extra.

It is always best to give it a shot and clean or repair your worn-out sofas and carpets before actually throwing it off; sometimes, it still holds sentimental value. Before you get rid of it, be sure to contact carpet and upholstery services to give you a well-done job. 

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