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About eighteen kilometers north of Sydney’s central business district is the suburb of St. Ives. It is home to nearly 20,000 residents who chose the neighborhood for that small-town charm, the open spaces, the parks, and fresh air. Walk around the area, and you will see white-picket fences and large houses.

First-time visitors would assume that people in the suburb are affluent, and they would not be entirely wrong. St. Ives is a family-friendly and pet-friendly community. About 1 in 5 of the population is 14 years old and younger. The annual events geared toward families include the very popular Medieval Faire, the Orchid Fair, and Heritage Craft Fair.

St. Ives is an ecosystem unto itself.  What that means is that you may stay within the confines of the suburb for your entire life and you won’t miss anything. You can find everything here, from shopping, dining, groceries, and other conveniences. Also, if you have some problems with your pipes, hot water, gas lines, and tree root blockage on your drainpipe, you can easily call a plumber in St. Ives to resolve the issue.

But how do you know when to call in a professional because of tree root damage? Here are some of the red flags to look out for:

  1. Your pipes are slow to drain – This is the most common sign of obstruction on your drain pipes. Because the tree roots are blocking the cavity, the water needs time to flow through whatever crevices and holes are left. It will be worse if there are solids along with the drain water. It might not always be tree root damage, but the chances exponentially increase if you have mature trees surrounding your property.
  1. You find sinkholes in your yard – Blocked water will always find any hole to gush out of. When the roots begin to grow inside the pipes, you can expect the water to drain out of the leak and create a sinkhole underneath. It may not be a sinkhole, but if you feel the ground, you may feel it to be pregnant with something soft inside. 
  1. Strong odor – Your sewers are also in danger of being damaged by large tree roots. Any crack or leak will result in a stench emanating from your septic tank. But stagnant water, along with some of your leftover food that drained from your drainpipe, will also produce a foul-smelling odor.
  1. Your toilet water rises – When you flush your toilet, you find that the water will rise and slow to come down. It might just be clogged, but if you already used the plunger or plumbing snake to no avail, then it could be the issue of a clogged drain. You need to call in a plumber immediately to diagnose the problem.

If you have large trees on your property, chances are, your pipes are at risk. Although people take them for granted, roots actually extend even twice as long as the length of the tree’s trunk that soars up to the sky. Imagine the type of damage they can do to your pipe. Even if you do not notice any issues, it is always a good idea to call a plumber in St. Ives every two years for inspection, testing, and maintenance.

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