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Benefits of having tungsten wedding rings for men

Well, tungsten rings for him are in trend in today’s world because of the wide range of benefits it provides. The popularity of tungsten rings can be seen in google trends, as people go on google search bar to search about the ring and its benefits.

After knowing the benefits of the ring, it boosted up its popularity. It has gained more popularity as compared to the other traditional rings like the platinum, gold, diamond, etc.

Following are the benefits of a tungsten ring:

  • Good strength

One of the greatest advantages of a tungsten ring is that it is quite strong as compared to other rings. Since your marriage will last forever then it is necessary for your ring to last forever like your marriage.

To make the ring strong enough it is combined with carbon. Yes, the same carbon which makes the diamond strong. As compared on the hardness scale where diamond is ranked at no. 10.0, tungsten is ranked with 9.5. Higher the hardness level longer the rings will last.

  • Price

It is one of the most notable benefits of the tungsten rings. As compared to the rings made up of gold, silver, platinum etc the tungsten rings are way cheaper. And this is because of the industrial background of the tungsten.

It is usually used in heavy machines as it is cheap comparatively, yet it has the great property of hardness. Since it is not a naturally found metal like gold or silver, but can easily be made in a factory. Tungsten are cheaper because they are man-made. Get vouchers for your wedding rings in UseVoucher!

  • Durability

If you side by side compare any metals like platinum or gold etc, with the white tungsten you can hardly find any difference unless you have any experience in identifying jewelry. Tungsten rings do not fade and are scratch-free.

White tungsten is nothing but tungsten carbide mixed with many other metals to make it bright some and get some resemblance with platinum and white gold. By doing this you have two identical rings but one costs you more i.e platinum or white gold and one will cost you less i.e white tungsten.

  • Shape and size

Tungsten rings can be made of any shape and size. It can be made with a lot of variety of finishes like polish, brushes, etc. It can even be made with the help of lasers. There are a wide range of colors to choose for tungsten carbide and also you have the option to have different metals like diamond, etc on the ring.

If you are fond of having a gold ring but want to have benefits of tungsten rings you have an option to go for a gold plated ring that looks like a gold ring but has the benefits of tungsten.

  • Unique look

Tungsten rings are unique and look different from rings made up of gold and platinum. This metal is available in white and grey color and is an ideal option for the men to go with.

Tungsten rings for him is a great option for the men who do not want the traditional gold rings and the silver rings. This metal boosts the masculine and contemporary features of the men.

  • Feels pleasant

The tungsten rings are quite heavy as compared to other rings. Since it is heavy it gives you a kind of feel to your finger. The heaviness of the ring assures you that you do not lose your ring while doing any task. The average weight of the tungsten ring is about 17-20 grams which is way more than the other rings. 

  • Colors

The gunmetal gray is one of the most popular colors of tungsten metal. The tungsten rings are more durable and this gunmetal color boosts masculinity. There are a variety of other colors available like white, platinum and white gold.

 The tungsten rings are also available in black color. One thing to keep in mind before buying a black tungsten ring is that it is not actually black rather it is coated in black. Any metal which is plated will require to be replated for the long term.

  • Free from allergy

When tungsten is in its pure form it is naturally hypoallergenic, that is it does not react in the opposite manner. Tungsten that are made up of high quality are also hypoallergenic in spite of having other elements

Only if the tungsten rings are of cheap quality or contain some amount of nickel are allergic to some sensitive wearers.  Also, if the ring is made up of cobalt then it may create an unwanted reaction to the user’s body.

  • Keeps the shine

When a tungsten ring is polished once, it will never lose its shine and it is proved. This is because, when the metal is ready, it is strong enough to fight against the force that degrades or dulls the metal. Even if the ring is used roughly it will never scratch and will retain its shine. 

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