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Scented Candles

One of the quickest and most-effective ways to enhance any living space is by adding scented candles. Whether it’s a kitchen, living room, bathroom, or dining room–scented candles go a long way in creating a warm environment that will make guests, friends, and family feel right at home. There are a variety of candle scents to meet the preferences of whoever is enjoying the scented candle. Alpha Aromatics, on their website, discuss the most popular scents. A few of these tasteful scents are Citron Blossom, Huckleberry Sugar Blossom, and Sparkling Citron & Oak Barrel Vanilla. There are actually benefits to safely burning these candles as well. Raven Ishak in her article for The Chill Times breaks down six unique benefits. These benefits can be summarized simply in the categories of relaxation, stress-relief, and even better sleep.

Scented candles should be handled with caution though. First of all, these candles are sometimes not permitted in certain apartment complexes or rental facilities. It is always best to obverse these rules. Meanwhile, if the area does indeed permit scented candles, one needs to realize that an actual flame is present and treat the product as such. Keeping children away from burning candles and not leaving children alone with burning candles is a good place to start concerning safety. Nationwide’s, the insurer, also gives some helpful hints on their blog pertaining to the safe handling of candles.

It is a good idea to see the candles being burnt. Leaving the dwelling or even working in other parts of the property can spell danger for the risk of fire. Do not let candles burn in their entirety! This can make the surface beneath the candle too hot and can cause damage or fire; see the wax as a safety barrier/buffer between the heat and the surface beneath the scented candle. Finally, extinguishing the flame with a tool like a “snuffer’ is safer than blowing the flame out or extinguishing with a doused finger.

Texas Flag Painting

A Texas Flag Painting proudly displayed on the wall shows what it means to be a Texan! The beautiful red, white, and blue colors go with a large assortment of room color schemes so there is little risk for clashing. With all the history behind Texas’ state flag, any guest in the apartment will be captivated and inspired. A Texas Flag Painting can be purchased online in many different sizes and types. Meanwhile, there are other options as well for procuring this artwork. Professionals can be hired to do a painting directly on the wall or on a canvas. Also, with all the images the internet has to use for reference, a person could also do the artwork themselves for a truly unique piece.

The Texas Flag Painting can mean more than just a decoration for the wall. The colors and the lone star that grace the state’s flag have deep meaning. According to Wikipedia’s page on the Texas State Flag, the white represents purity. The blue represents loyalty. Meanwhile, the red stands for bravery. The lone star on the flag represents unity. This historic piece, adopted by the state in 1839, makes a unique piece of decoration for individuals hailing from Texas, currently calling the state home, or for those who admire what it stands for.

If the wood is being utilized as the medium for the Texas Flag Painting, water-based latex paint is the best way to go according to Hunker’s website. They say that the paint is not only effective for covering wood but is easily cleaned. Consequently, for long-term use and for keeping the flag decoration free of dust–this type of paint is a good solution. For standard walls, wall paint is the way to go. Meanwhile, if the Texas Flag Painting goes on canvas, the best paint to try would be an acrylic variety according to Reeve’s website.

Apartment Cleaning

Taking the time for a thorough apartment cleaning or hiring this task out is well-worth the energy or money. Being in a clean environment is crucial to health and overall well-being.

According to Saffron and Sage’s website, the benefits get more specific.

-Stress can be reduced by way of clearing out objects that have more meaning than they maybe should. Items with meaning attached to them can cause undue stress to an individual.

-Productivity can be increased by those who maintain and prioritize a clean space.

-Better Sleep

-Cleaner Air

-Increased Self-Esteem

Saffron and Sage offer a great starting point on their webpage as well for taking those first steps toward a cleaner environment and toward all those benefits associated with it. The process is simple and involves combining baking soda and essential oils, sprinkling the mixture on carpet and vacuuming afterward. The carpet will smell great.

For those who are in a time-pinch, Nationwide’s blog offers great advice for quick cleaning solutions! A couple of these tips jump to the top of the list as ways to increase cleaning effectiveness. Keeping cleaning tools ready to go and organized in a caddy is a great tip. Sometimes, cleaning is hindered by a feeling of being unprepared. Having all these materials clean and ready to go in one spot encourages confidence that cleaning can happen when desired.

Additionally, making cleaning holistic and a group-oriented activity is a great advice offered by Nationwide’s team. Not just taking on one room at a time and taking the time to clean the whole house on one particular day(s) makes cleaning more manageable mentally instead of giving the overwhelming feeling that cleaning is something to be done all the time. Finally, making cleaning a group effort takes the stress off one individual and encourages each individual that calls a dwelling “home” to be responsible for keeping the house clean throughout the week. Additionally, cleaning is much faster when many people are helping tackle one room each–this is especially prevalent with larger families when the parents can delegate tasks to children to take responsibility for a particular space. Many hands make light work!

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