Angry Girlfriend Gives Gamer Ultimatum For “Always Playing Stupid Games”

Let me tell you something girlfriend, if this is the game your dude is playing you should be happy. I have seen a lot of dudes out there doing a lot more “game playing” that ends in cheating and broken hearts. At least this is all on the virtual side.

Reddit user, Trainer_A, found out quickly how much his girlfriend hated that he played video games.

Trainer_A asked his fellow gaming Redditors for some relationship advice.

“So I have been seeing this girl for about a month. Totally cool down to earth, easy to talk to with a lot of shared interest, expect one. She hates how much I play Destiny even though she was fine with it at first. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted or anything but I like to play when I get home after work and when I have free time and what not.

So today I get a text from her asking what I’m doing tonight. I tell her when I get off work I’m going to play some Destiny before I have to leave for hockey. She ends up calling me gets pretty upset saying that we should spend some time together before I go to hockey and that I shouldn’t be wasting my time on a video game. I remind her that we hung out yesterday and are hanging out again tomorrow and I was looking forward to some me time. So then she drops an ultimatum on me, its either her or Destiny.

Then hangs up.

I’m a little rattled by the whole thing and don’t really know what to do tonight now. So I figured I would ask the Reddit community for some guidance. What do you guys think I should do? Iron Banner or Trials?”

A few days later Trainer_A gave an update:

“Hello, fellow guardians! I have returned with an update to my post from Friday. I honestly could not believe the overwhelming response. For those of you that offered relationship advice, I really appreciate it and am happy to see that our community is so willing to help out a fellow guardian if they feel they are in need of guidance. And for those who finished reading my post and saw that I already made my decision, my hats off to you for getting to join in with me on a funny way to handle a serious situation.”

Never give a guy an ultimatum between a girl and his video games.

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