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Space-Saving Bed Ideas For Kids

When your kids finally declare that they are ready to move into their room after co-sleeping with you for a long time, one of the first things that you need to prepare is the bed that they will sleep in. The bed must be big enough to give them room for movement, but it must look come with their preferred theme or color that would make them feel enticed to sleep in every night. Fortunately, there are multiple options available when looking for kids beds online. It means you no longer have to go to a physical store to buy a bed for your kids since you can choose and order it at the comfort of your home. You can discuss your kids to help you select their ideal bed without taking them to the shop.

If you have no idea what bed to buy for your kids, here are several types of bed that could look perfect for their room and provide them ample space to move around to do other activities aside from sleeping. 

Bunk Beds 

If you have more than one child but only have one kid’s room, you can get a kiddie bunk bed to save space. This multi-story bed comes with a ladder or staircase that connects the lower portion with the upper bed. It also allows the top bed occupant to reach the top with ease. 

When buying a bunk bed online, you may search for a style that both occupants would agree to use. Some of the most common styles include the superhero-themed bunk bed where the frames come with decors depicting their favourite superheroes. If you want a gender-neutral theme, you can look for bunk beds with nature design in stores that sell kids beds online. 

Loft Beds

Older kids need more space in their room, especially if they are already in school age. If the available room where they will move in has limited space, you can choose a loft bed when you shop for kids beds online. It comes with an upper bunk for sleeping while space underneath is available for different functions. You and your child can use the area to install a desk where they can do their homework or an added storage space for toys or wardrobe. 

Trundle Beds

If you want two of your kids to share a room but cannot use a bunk bed due to ceiling restrictions, you can get them a trundle bed with a design of their choice. Trundle beds look like a regular single bed, but it comes with an extra bed under the regular bed. The additional bed has wheels attached so the kids can pull it out when they need to use it. 

You can find trundle beds with kid-friendly designs. Some even come with exciting shapes like cars for boys or carriage for your little princesses. Some also come with storage space, so the kids have more areas to keep their little trinkets. 

Wall Beds 

To maximise the space in small rooms, kids can get a wall bed that they can pull down when they are ready to sleep. These beds come in hinges at one end that makes it easy to store vertically against the room’s wall or inside a dedicated cabinet. When not in use, space can serve as your child’s play or study area. Some stores also offer wall beds with two mattresses which can make it function like a bunk bed for two children.  

These are some of the most popular bed options that you can buy online for your kids’ room. You can look for the right bed that suits your preferences and their needs without compromising the space of the room. By asking for their opinion about what they want in a bed, they will have the best sleep in it for a long time. 

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