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security system

Why worry about CCTV’s or security systems when you have a good neighbour always on the watch?! Is it really worth the money? I live in the most secure area of the city, how would anyone just barge into my house?! 

These are the most common questions and misconceptions people have when asked to install a security system in their homes. Sure, you what has to happen, eventually happens but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look out or protect our house. According to the FBI, 6% of property crime reduces every year in the US. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Here are the purposes why one should opt for a security system,

Protect the property and the family

When we think of professional monitoring services, protection is the word that first comes to mind. These services can save your child or significant other from calamities or unidentified intrusions that they aren’t aware of. 

Of course, it also helps in protecting the valuable possessions in the house. The latest systems are updated to notify the medics and firehouses if things go wrong. It also comes with an alarm system that can scare the burglars off of the property.

Dissuade robbery and other crimes

Owning a security system allows you to have surveillance in and around the house 24/7, 365 days of the year. The protection service system does its job even when you’re not around. It is a huge benefit as it records all the events occurring around it.

According to a study, as the number of security systems increased in the locality, the number of crimes significantly decreased. And another study confirmed that 60% of the robbers plan their crime 24 hours before its occurrence. Meanwhile, 83% looked for any sign of alarm before entering the premises. These numbers explain how tiny security cameras are powerful.

Low the insurance premiums

Many insurance companies offer a premium discount between 5% to 20% depending on the type of security system installed on the property. It is to drive more and more homeowners to secure their homes. Higher discount rates usually include smart thermostats, smoke, fire and water damage detection systems, home intrusion detection etc.

You can find an insurance agent easily with the website, It is an AI-powered website with an extensive database of all email addresses. This email search engine is the white page for every professional email contact. So, it becomes easy to search for insurance agents as well as protection service providers.

Peace of mind

The major benefit one can have with these systems around is some peace of mind. Most of us are constantly worried about the valuables placed at home and unpredicted intrusions. With smart surveillance, we can now keep an eye on the house through our smartphones.

Smart lock doors, smart security cameras and smart thermostats that read the temperature of the room, all help in giving us the power of predictability. Regardless you own a house or are on rent, the security systems will be worth the investment. It might seem pricey initially but are affordable in the long run. 

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