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Freelance Shipping Firm

If you are looking to change careers or start your first job as an adult, you may be uncertain of what type of work or what sector to choose. Currently, the job market in many countries is highly competitive, with many applicants finding that they need to apply for several positions before even securing an interview. Ideally, a new job will inspire you and suit your personal circumstances whilst providing a suitable income that allows you to save for the future. If you have a love of driving and hold a full driver’s licence that includes different forms of trucks and vans, you may consider working as a driver on a freelance basis. There is a range of benefits that come with being a freelance driver, and these will be explored in detail in this article. 

Pick your working hours 

One of the key benefits of any form of freelance work is that you often get to pick and choose the hours or days that you will work. This is especially true when it comes to jobs that involve driving. For instance, if you prefer to work at night, you can choose driving jobs that require a late night or early morning delivery time. In addition, working as a freelance shipping agent will allow you to work on specific days that suit you. If you have plans for the weekend or regular weekday commitments, you can plan and structure your jobs around these occasions. By being able to choose your hours and days of work, many freelance drivers find that they can gain complete control over their work/life balance. Conversely, many nine-to-five jobs can severely limit the tasks you can undertake in your personal life as these need to take place after the working day has finished in most cases.

Access to jobs boards

When you undertake shipping work as a freelancer, you will have access to an online load board. These are updated regularly when a customer requests a shipment to take place and will include details of the goods to be transported and the pick-up and drop off destination. Some freelance firms will provide this jobs board completely free of charge, whilst others may require you to pay a subscription to access it. You simply choose the jobs that are suitable and make a bid for the cost of your services to the client. If you are chosen, you will then accept and complete the order. Put simply, having access to a regularly updated jobs board is enormously helpful in planning your working shifts and taking on suitable jobs.

Choose specific routes

As a final point, another key benefit of freelance driving work for a shipping firm is that you have the power to choose the routes you want. If you enjoy long-distance travel, you can bid for jobs that involve journeys across regions or even countries. Conversely, you may prefer to take routes that are close to your home address for convenience and familiarity of the local road networks. Once again, this freedom that comes from being able to pick and choose your jobs and routes can be a key way to balance your working life and the need for an income with specific personal circumstances and responsibilities.

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