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Interior decorating is the art of decorating spaces that are not only stylish but functional. Nowadays, house decoration is becoming popular with several TV programs that show house renovations or house hunting. It has led to the boom of businesses related to interior designing. If you wish to do up your kitchen or the complete home, you have the option to hire an interior designer or do it yourself. If you opt to do the decorating yourself, then you need to know what the latest trends in interior design are. The use of leather handles is the newest addition in the world of interior décor.

Currently, the interior decorating market is full of fancy and delicate handles that come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Leather handles are one of the latest additions to furniture handle designs. Everyone uses handles. Hence, when decorating your house, the handles are built for stability and durability. Otherwise, you might end up changing them often.

What are Leather Handles Made of?

Some leather handles are infused with zinc alloy to make them more stable and durable. If you like to have a natural feel of your handles, choose the combination of leather, brass, and wood. Pure leather is also a popular choice and installed with a brass or copper rivet.

Renovating with Leather Handles

Handles mounted on furniture and often used daily are subject to heavy wear. The ones in your bathroom, kitchen, and cabinets are the fixtures that often need replacing because of its usage. Leather handles are more durable and can withstand heavy usage. They also come in various shapes and sizes to fit the appearance of your interior.

  • Type of Handle

There are two types of leather handles in furniture. You will have the option to choose between horizontal handles or the vertical handles. Horizontal handles or pull handles are great for a rustic or traditional style. On the other hand, vertical handles are knob handles that are easy to use and would work well in Bohemian style interiors.

  • Handle Style

It does not matter whether you prefer knob leather handles or pull handles. What matters is that the handle should blend well with the interior of your house. If your interior has a modern look, you can choose a simple square knob made of pure leather. If you are planning to go for rustic-themed interior decorations, go with the pull handles. This handle also fits traditionally styled interiors.

  • Material and Finish

The materials of leather handles vary according to the type of leather that the manufacturer used, either PU leather or genuine leather. If you are looking for inexpensive handles, choose PU leather. They are affordable and made of an artificial material that does not involve animals. They are also resistant to sunlight. Select this option if you have areas in your house that are exposed to sunlight often.

Genuine leather is the other type of material for leather handles. They are costly, compared to PU leather. However, because of its durability, manufacturers produce a wide array of furniture items. They also have an attractive appearance. However, they can be costly. Despite its high price, a lot of people still opt for this one as the materials are proven to be durable and can endure heavy usage.

Leather handles are cute, elegant, and very attractive. It can be added to any furniture and can easily blend with your interior. It comes with a vast collection of unique designs. If you use this kind of handle, your interior will stand-out with its unique look.