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Drug Screenings

Many companies will require candidates to complete a drug test before being hired. This allows the company to determine if the candidate has any substance or alcohol abuse problems. While candidates might understand that they might be required to take a test, there are several other questions that might come up. Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding a pre-employment drug screen.

When Do Employers Drug Test?

The most common time when a company will require drug tests is during the hiring process. If you’re asked to take a drug test prior to being hired, your employment will be dependent on the results. This is usually done after the interview process and once they’ve determined who they will be hiring. Jobs that will be dealing with heavy machinery are more likely to require a drug screening because someone with substance abuse could be a danger in that position. However, other jobs might require testing as well. Companies must be consistent in drug screening so if one position is tested, all employees will be tested.

Where Are Drug Tests Performed?

In most cases, a drug test will be performed at a local lab that completes these tests. They will then produce the results for the employer. These are usually very easy and quick tests that will have you in and out of the facility. Depending on the test that you take, they will be testing for various drugs or alcohol. How substantial the test is largely depends on who you might be working for. A job that requires working with heavy machinery or with children might require a more thorough test than a typical office job.

How Are The Tests Performed?

There are various types of testing that might be completed. These include blood tests, breath alcohol tests, mouth swab drug and alcohol tests, and hair drug tests. While an employer might request one of these, the most popular test is a urine test. This is the easiest and least invasive test. Regardless of the test you take, the company will usually set up your appointment. The test will be quickly taken and you’ll be on your way. Within a few days, you’ll know the results which will determine if your hiring process has been completed.

Depending on the job and company you’re interviewing for, you might be required to take a drug and alcohol test. This will provide assurance for the company that you don’t have any drug or alcohol abuse problems. These are the answers to commonly-asked questions about a pre-employment drug screen.

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