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sump pump problem

Sump pumps are mechanical devices that prevent indoor flooding, as they discharge liquid from the basement. The house becomes susceptible to water damage if they’re defective, so problems with them should be addressed right away. Here are 2 common issues and ways to solve them.


Sump pumps become clogged when their pits are filled with dirt, debris, and other objects, which prevent them from extracting water. To remove blockages, homeowners should first turn off the machine and electricity supply. Then, they must inspect the drainage pipe for obstructions and take out everything that blocks the entryway. They should verify whether this method works by powering on the device again and checking if the liquid goes down. If it doesn’t, follow these instructions:

  1. Turn off the power supply again.
  2. Look for and remove any dirt and debris in the basin lid.
  3. Wipe off traces of dirt from the basin lid.
  4. Turn on the machine again.
  5. Examine if the water now drains properly.

If this fails, a backup sump pump can be installed. Users can also call a professional to have the system inspected as the problem might be caused by underlying issues, such as a float switch failure. The machine might require repairing or replacing. Those who need a new one should choose an airtight sealed lid to ward off debris next time.


Unusual noises are problematic on their own because they’re annoying. They can disturb people who want to rest or have sensitive hearing. They also indicate bigger issues with the system. For instance, clanging sounds occur when the pipes hit the wall or basin. This can be solved by wrapping the tubes with insulation. If this doesn’t work, the machine might have been installed incorrectly and need to be repositioned.

Banging sounds suggest that the discharge pipes are loose. Homeowners can fasten them with wires or brackets, which should be securely attached to the floor joists. If there are humming noises, the lines might be frozen. Thaw them by placing a space heater beside them. If doing so doesn’t quiet down the machine, the impeller might be the cause and must be fixed.

Meanwhile, grinding sounds are also often due to a damaged impeller, which requires immediate attention. Gurgling noises usually occur when the water moves back to the discharge pipes. Try to solve this by replacing the valve with a spring-loaded one.

Homeowners who need help in troubleshooting their sump pumps can contact companies that offer plumbing repair services in Gainesville, GA. Their skilled contractors are trained in identifying, fixing, and replacing damaged components. With their expertise, the system will function efficiently again.

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