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10 Must-Have Apps for Food Lovers

Some people eat to live, others live to eat. For those that fall in the second group, well here are some apps that you simply must try. They’re sure to brighten up the foodie in you and help you find your next food adventure. 


For food lovers that love to travel, Tastemade is a must have app. Featuring the delights offered by 22 cities around the world, this app shows you one to two minute long videos of places to visit and the food you must try there. You can also join the community of Tastemakers and share your food adventures. 


Speaking of food adventures, you must get Foodie as well. True celebration of good foods is sharing it which is why we’re sure you’ll be wanting to upload pictures of all you eat. Too bad, sometimes the shots just don’t do justice to the dish. If you’re often faced with this problem, get Foodie. Specifically designed to take pictures of food, its filters make sure you get great photos each time! 

Humane Eating Project

Finding animal-friendly choices when dining out is a nightmare, but with this app it becomes easier. The app helps you navigate your way among restaurants to find those that offer you those choices. It lists vegan and vegetarian restaurants and when it does offer a meat option, it makes sure to include only those establishments with humanely-raised meats. With this app you can even find shark fin soup, veal, foie gras and more without having to suffer a guilt trip.

Foodle: Nutrition Facts

Eating healthy is key so, if you find yourself wondering what it is exactly that you’re putting inside your body and if your body can handle it, make sure to have this app wherever you go. From organic fruits to processed foods, this app’s database has an answer for all your queries. With this app you’ll know what to eat and what to steer clear off. 

Kitchen Stories

Dubbed the video, photo cookbook, this app offers new recipes each week for free. Even if you haven’t set foot in the kitchen before, you’ll find yourself humming away with ease while cooking their dishes. The recipes come with step-by-step instructions and videos. It also guides you on which wine to pair the dish with. What’s more, once you pick what you want to cook, you can make a shopping list for everything you need. 

Fork It 

Want to cook at home, but simply don’t have the motivation to follow through each day, day after day? Well, in that case you might want to download Fork It. This app turns cooking into a real time game using daily check-ins as dishes. You get to compete with friends and take on cooking challenges that will leave you with a healthy body and healthy eating habits. 

The Blender Girl Smoothies

With your food covered, you might want to focus on making some healthy smoothies. This app offers around 100 delicious smoothies to choose from depending on your mood. So get those fruits and vegetables and whip yourself a refreshing drink. 


Speaking of cooking at home, why not save a few bucks while you’re at it? Milk links your coupons to your grocery store’s reward card which means less hassle for you. All you need to do is register your rewards card with your Milk account. With that out of the way you may browse for coupons and once you find the one you need, the app will apply it at the register automatically. 

Pair It!

To fully appreciate the food you eat you must consume it with the right wine, but with so many options how there how do you know which one to pair it all with? With Pair It, you’ll know in minutes. The app takes into account the flavor bridges, relative weights among other things only a wine snob would know, to find you the perfect match!


If you want the perfect drink, you don’t have to visit a bar. With mixologist you can play bartender at home, sharpen your mixing skills and get a great drink out of it. Even if you have limited options to work with, this app gives you a great list to work with. Simply let it know what you have and it’ll find some mixing options for you. If you’re picky about your drinks then you know this is one skill you must master.

Final Words

With these food apps, you can’t go wrong. You’ll be eating healthy new foods each day which is sure to help your craving heart and your nutrient-dependent body at the same time. Now all you need is high-speed internet to keep you connected with the food community wherever you go and to ensure your app work like a charm. If you don’t have one already, you might want to give Wow packages a try, you sure find a great affordable options among their offers. So, what are you waiting for? Let the food adventures begin!

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