Zombie Woman Caught in Broad Daylight Smashing Head into Wall

I officially believe in zombies. That is the only way to explain why this woman is doing this wild sh*t. Definitely either zombies or drugs. Alright, it is honestly most likely drugs but zombies would be more cool. She must have been on a wild trip if she was able to smash her face into concrete that many times and not knock herself out.

The video starts out with some dudes spotting something weird in the distance. They zoom in and its literally a woman continuously smashing her head into a wall. She did it until a group of good Samaritans physically had to stop her. I have edited the video down. There was more footage of the girl laying on the ground with huge pools of blood need to her head. I have decided to not show it because it is a little too much for Facebook.

Nai-post ni WHATviral noong Huwebes, Mayo 25, 2017


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