Woman’s Text Convo With Mom Who Wants to Buy Her Car Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons

This one’s a bit of a feel-good tear-jerker. And we’re not talking about some sick from of crying-masturbation, so get your minds out of the gutter! Here we have an example of humanity shining through for someone who really, really needed it. A mother with kids in preschool is a bit down on her luck, needing a car for day-to-day use, but being fresh out of coin until her tax return comes through. A lot of us know all about cash flow problems, but we are rarely thrown a lifeline like this to see us through!

Credit: Woke Sloth

So the woman sees an advertisement for an old car with a few miles on it, but decides it’s perfectly fine for her situation and she needs to find a solution pretty quickly as she’s borrowing her own mother’s car at the moment. The $1200 asking price wouldn’t be an issue in a few week when she gets some cash, but until then she is having a hard time convincing sellers to hold without purchase.

But after being initially denied by the seller of the $1200 car, the woman tells her story. The seller is one of the most compassionate people ever and says that seeing as she needs the car so badly, she can have it.

Good Result! Credit: Woke Sloth

At first the woman is ecstatic to have the car held for her, but, here’s the kicker, the seller wasn’t talking about just holding the car for her. They were saying they would actually give her the car for free seeing as it was going to be driven by someone who actually needed it.

Credit: Woke Sloth

This is altruism in its purest form. Someone giving away something of value to someone who is disadvantaged without it. Too often people are obsessed with what they are ‘owed’ for certain things, but here, we can tell that the person giving the car away on’t be any worse off without it and is not standing to gain anything. It takes a fair human to see that!

Credit: Woke Sloth

The mother is so damn grateful for the generosity and is just over the moon as a result of the gesture. It’s warm and fuzzy AF!

Credit: Woke Sloth

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