Woman Who Texted Man 159,000 Times After First Date Has Disturbng Messages Revealed

My momma always told me… DON’T STICK YOU D*CK IN CRAZY! Now I am assuming they made sweet love but if not this story is even more weird. We have all been in a similar situation at one point or another.

You meet a person and you like them way more than they like you. Typically you just mentally try and get over them so you can move onto your next love. Well not this girl.

Oh yeah… I apologize for all the random asterisks. FB can be very sensitive on some words on these articles. Sorry if its annoying.

A woman in Arizona alleg*dly sent a man she met on a dating site more than 159,000 text messages over a 10-month period after just one date.

Jacqueline Claire Ades, who was acc*sed of stalking the man by breaking into his home, was arr*sted in May by Paradise Valley police.

At the time, authorities alleg*d she had sent 65,000 texts after their only date.

But pol*ce documents made public on Friday show that Ades, 31, alleg*dly sent many more messages.

According to documents obtained by the Arizona Republic, Ades’ messages to the man, whom pol*ce have not named, alleg*dly turned threat*ning after she was escorted off his property in July 2017.

“I’d wear ur fascia n the top of ur skull n ur hands n feet,” one alleg*d text from Ades read.

Credit: Instagram/Magicaldelight

“I’d make sushi outta ur kidneys n chopsticks outta ur hand bones,” another alleg*d message read.

Ades’ previous alleg*d texts, obtained by Fox 10, also stated: “Oh what would I do w ur bl*od! I’d want to bathe in it.”

Officers listed Ades as alleg*dly “showing signs of ment*l illness” as reported by the Republic.

Credit: Instagram/Magicaldelight
Credit: Instagram/Magicaldelight

Ades is being held in a Maricopa County ja*l without bond and has pleaded not gu*lty to charg*s of stalk*ng and crim*nal trespassing.

Her trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 5.

Paradise Valley pol*ce first became aware of Ades’ alleg*d har*ssment in July 2017, when the man alleg*d that she had been continually texting him, according to the pol*ce news release.

Credit: Instagram/Magicaldelight

In April 2018, officers alleg*dly found Ades inside the man’s home taking a bath.

She was taken into custody and charg*d with trespass*ng. Ades was released and given a court date.

Then on May 4, Ades alleg*dly went to the man’s business and claimed to be his wife.

Scottsdale pol*ce responded to the scene and escorted her off the premise. When Paradise Valley pol*ce heard of the incident, they arr*sted Ades, according to the news release.

Credit: Instagram/Magicaldelight

In a ja*lhouse interview that same month, she told reporters she met the man through Luxy, a dating site for millionaires.

“I felt like I met my soul mate and everything was just the way it was. I thought we would do what everybody else did, but that’s not what happened,” she said.


This reminds me of an ex-girlfriend of mine. Senior year of high school. We had been dating for two years and it was time for our senior prom. I didn’t really care much about school dances but all of my friends were going as out “last night” together as a squad.

I wasn’t planning some crazy way to ask her because why would I? We have been dating for 2 years so duh… you are going to go with me to prom. The catch is she had no interest in going. She was positive she had no interest in going and there was not even a maybe. Well this sucked because I wanted to go badly to hang with the buds.

There just so happened to be an extra girl coming from another school who was friends with my buddies girlfriend. I asked my girlfriend if it was cool if I tagged along with her but not as a date.

My girlfriend was 100% cool with it all at the time.

So prom night comes along. I leave my phone in the car because I didn’t have pockets. We have an amazing night. Lots of dancing and pictures. The night is now over and we get to the limo. I open my phone and have 250 missed called and 150 crazy text messages.

I call her to see what’s going on and she basically went off the deep in with her imagination about this girl I was with. After we dropped off our dates I went over to her house.

She was sitting on the kitchen island throbbing back and fourth while hysterically crying holding a butcher knife and scratching her leg with it.

This is why you don’t stick your D in crazy.

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