Woman Shares Grandad’s Uproarious List Of ‘Boyfriend Rules’

A grandparent has become a viral sensation once he gave his grandchild a list of uproarious rules hopeful boyfriends should follow.

Many people have parents who keep an eye on those their kids date, and for 21-year-old Amie McHugh from Airdrie in Lanarkshire, Scotland, it’s her grandparent who is protecting.

Amie took to Twitter on saturday (February 16) to share a list of tongue-in-cheek rules her grandparent sent her for potential love interests.

Grandad William sent Amie the list on WhatsApp, in all capitals, of course.

The rules were both funny and cute:

Rule 2: He should be Celtic supporter.

“Rule 1: He should be RC [Roman Catholic].

Rule 3: He should be operating.

Rule 4: i need to like him.

Rule 5: He should like me.”

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It continued:

Rule 6: He should be financially wealthy.

Rule 7: He must not ever check up on another woman whereas during this relationship.

Rule 8: He should be very kind.

Rule 9: He should have a car.

Rule 10: Whenever in my company he should provide to pay bill.”

Ok, that’s it thus far, ok.

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