Woman Shares Grandad’s List Of Humorous ‘Boyfriend Rules’

Many folks have encounter a protecting parent in our time, whether or not it’s our boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s or our own dear mum or daddy, able to lay down the law.

But what a few protecting grandad?

21-year-old Amie McHugh shared a screenshot of a message from her grandpa, William, that laid out some ground rules for any of her potential love interests.

The student, WHO hails from Airdrie in Lanarkshire, Scotland, took to Twitter to mention she was ‘howlin’ at her Grandad’s rules – that, like several messages from senior voters, was written ENTIRELY IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

The rules ranged from loveable (he should ‘never explore another girl’ whereas he is with Amie; he should be ‘very kind’) to humorous (he should be Roman Catholic; he should ‘offer to pay’ if he is ever in William’s company).

Rule 1: “He should be RC [Roman Catholic].”
Rule 2: “He should be Celtic supporter.”
Rule 3: “He should be working.”
Rule 4: “I should like him.”
Rule 5: “He should like ME.”

Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.

Rule 6: “He should be financially rich.”
Rule 7: “He mustn’t ever check out another woman whereas during this relationship.”
Rule 8: “He should be very kind.”
Rule 9: “He should have a automobile.”
Rule 10: “Whenever in my company he should supply to pay bill.”

Luckily, William stopped at ten, however hinted there can be a lot of, signing off the message with: “Ok that is it to date.”

Speaking to LADbible, Amie explained her granddad has continuously been there for her which they see one another often.

Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.

“I was spoken with my granda forever being there on behalf of me, and he solely lives a two-minute go forth therefore I see him nearly daily,” she said.

Amie additionally insisted his list of stipulations were additional of a joke, therefore she will not be taking any of them too seriously.

Thankfully, Amie’s own list of necessities for a possible partner could be a very little additional realistic.

“I simply search for somebody to possess fun with who’s an honest laugh, the tiny details do not matter a lot of to ME,” she said.

Still, it’s sensible to visualize she has William to appear out for her – by the sounds of it, anyone WHO does not like him (rule 5, remember?) is not value Amie’s time anyway.

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