Woman Posts Disturbing Pic in Hopes Of Finding Her Lost Puppy

Losing a dog sucks. Every second, minute, hour, and day you are left wondering where it could be. Why did it leave you and is it okay?

My friend’s dog was missing for over 3 weeks and just when he was about to call off the search and take down the flyers an old lady called him. She had the dog the whole time. Bought it food and everything.

That is why when I see posts like this girl, I get a little sad. Hoping they have the same luck as my friend.

This girl had a little different “missing” photo then I have seen before. Might even be illegal?


She wrote: “My dog has gone missing. This is the only pic I have of him but if you see him please @ me! His name’s Ralph”

Check out the tweet below and if you see Ralph… You know who to @.


Come on lady there has to be another pic in your collection of you and your dog. This is just wrong. ON SO MANY LEVELS!

Written by Colby

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