Wannabe Ghetto Chick Calls Out Cash Me Outside Chick in Terrible Diss Track

Everyone is making diss tracks these days. No surprise that one wannabe ghetto chick is using the platform to call out the other wannabe ghetto chick.

These girls both just need to combine accounts and create a massive following together are rule all of the little idiots who think they are good.

I know that sounds harsh but you will hear this song… PEOPLE THINK THIS IS GOOD. I am not kidding I included proof.

This is like when Kim K takes a poop and smears it on her face people will start doing it. Idiots following idiots to create more idiots.

How did we get here? How did this girl before a “viral” star.

On a normal day she just goes about asking her followers if they think she is thicc.

Now we are here. Dropping diss tracks.


Prepare yourself before you click play on this video. Your ears are not going to be happy.

People on the interent seemed to agree with me. IT IS TIME TO STOP!

Written by Colby

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