Walmart Loss Prevention Put On Blast After Stopping Customer Who Paid For Everything

“Why is your face so red. Because you feel stupid? F*ck you!”

This dude just got RIPPED!

Guy – “Keep cussing at me see where’s it going to get you”

Lady – “Oooooh am I going to go to cussing jail?”

Guy – (mumbles)


The guy demanded to see her receipt claiming the item in question a Disney Junior toy, is priced at $15.00 and receipt shows a no purchase of any $15.00 item.

According to the uploader: The employee then takes a device and scans the barcode and it was like Disney magic the price reads $7.00 and the once confident and aggressive bully was now reduced to a blushing, flustered fool who instead of apologizing for his massive mistake he chooses to continue his embarrassing behavior. 

Check out the full video below:

Written by Colby

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