Thief Steals Laptop Then Sends Surprising Email to the Victim

With the number of people who use some sort of security cam both inside and outside their homes, I still find it shocking how many people think they can get away with just stealing peoples stuff. This guy got away with it, then decided he kinda wanted to be a good guy.

The guys roommate (flatmate means roommate I think) has taken to Twitter to share the wild message he claims was sent from the thief who jacked his buddies laptop.

In the post, the man shared a photo a phone screen, which appears to show an email sent from the thief apologizing for his actions and offering to send him any important documents he might need.

Again, this might be one of those situations where you are a little late to be the nice guy. The damage is done.


Sharing the photo, the man wrote: “So, my flat mate’s laptop got stolen today. Please, preewhat the thief sent him.” before adding a bunch of crying laughing emojis.

The Tweet is blowing up.  In full, the email, which has the subject line, ‘AW: I’m sorry about your laptop’, read: “Hello, I am very, very sorry for taking your laptop. I am extremely poor and needed the money. I left your phone and wallet so I that slightly makes up for something.

“I can see you are a university student. If there is any files such as university work on here that you need, let me know and I will send them to you here.

“Once again, I am sorry.”

Since sharing the weird message, the man has found his tweet going viral – but not everyone is angry with the thief, in fact a lot of people are speaking up on his behalf with one social media user writing: “At least he was kind enough to explain his situation. The owner’s files are not lost and he knows his laptop is with a nice person.”

Another wrote: “I actually like this thief, I need help.” I’m saying nothing…

While a third added: “It kinda breaks my heart.”

Others were less understanding of the alleged thief’s situation, with one guy writing: “How thoughtful. I’ll hold up a petrol station and just kindly explain to them that I need the money.”

While another pointed out: “This is sad but now you’re without a laptop and they sure aren’t going to replace.”

A third reckoned that if the thief was truly as sorry as his email makes out then he should offer to write the fella’s next essay for him. Good plan, what could possibly go wrong.


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