Teens Force Special Needs DoorDash Delivery Driver to Refund Out of Own Wallet

In one of the more disturbing videos uploaded in 2018 to Twitter a couple of teens are seen harassing a DoorDash delivery driver. Apparently the teens ordered McDonalds through the delivery service which specializes in delivering from restaurants who do not have their own delivery service such as McDonalds. The ice cream machine was down at McDonalds as usual and the delivery driver could not deliver on the ordered McFlurries.

In the video the driver explains its not his responsibility yet the teens continued to harass the driver and saying he must refund with his own money. It was fairly apparent that the driver has a social disability and according the people on Twitter who know the man this is absolutely the case. The driver was so upset from the interaction you can visibly see his hand shaking while grabbing money from his own wallet. The teens knew he had an issue and took full advantage of the situation. A couple of bullies saw their opportunity and feasted on this guy. The video is well on its way to over 10 million views after only being online for less than 24 hours. I’m sure there is going to be a massive GoFundMe push for this guy that will turn is lost $4 into tens of thousands.

The Twitter handle of the user who posted the video has a profile picture of himself kneeling down hovering over hundreds of dollars. Even more depressing that they felt they needed to steal 4 dollars from this poor guy. Didn’t their mom raise them right? Apparently not, especially if she lets them take profile pictures with her rent payment. Such a shame. The handle has since updated with this tweet which shows that he has no remorse for what he brought on this guy and I believe there is going to be a massive attempt for even more internet justice.


In a slightly interesting twist it appears the teens were the ones who posting the damning video of themselves to Twitter. Just kidding that’s not surprising at all. Only in 2018 do you get people so out of touch that they post the only evidence to them doing something terrible that will ruin the rest of their lives.

The driver has apparently deleted and disabled all social media accounts after many people reached out for a helping hand. He suffers from a severe social disorder that makes him want to avoid social interaction and this situation has him stressed to the max even though people are now just trying to help. I have attached the video below.

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