Teacher Forcibly Cuts Students Hair While Singing During Class

A 52-year-old high school teacher, Margaret Gieszinger, is facing charges after footage showed her forcibly cutting one of her student’s hair while singing the national anthem.

Ms Gieszinger was apprehended on suspicion of felony child endangerment and she has also lost her job after video footage of the incident was posted to Reddit. In the viral video, the California teacher is seen calling on a male student to sit in a chair at the front of the class. She then begins cutting chunks of his hair while belting the US national anthem.

After cutting the student’s hair, the teacher addresses the class stating, “Next. I’m not done,” while waving a pair of scissors in the air. With no response from the students, the teacher points at a female student with the scissors and begins to march toward her.

“No, Ms G!” the student yelled as the teacher grabbed at her hair. Students began to flee the classroom as Gieszinger continued to scream incorrect lyrics to the national anthem.

According to KFSN, Gieszinger was released from Tulare County jail after posting $100,000 bail. Gieszinger’s husband is confused and claims that the behavior showed in the video was completely out of character for her.

According to students, this was not the first bizarre incident involving Ms Gieszinger as she had previously had a ‘meltdown’ in her chemistry class after an exam went missing.

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