Teacher Banned From The Classroom After Having Sex With Female Student

Stop me if you have heard this one…. ANOTHER TEACHER BUSTED FOR BANGING A STUDENT! I thought teachers are supposed to be smart. That is why they are teaching kids. WHY. DO. THEY. KEEP. BOOMING?!

At some point, you would think these teachers would get tired of seeing all of the articles showing them in court rooms, full of mug shots, and stop doing the deed. I guess it’s not that easy.

The married drama teacher had sex with convent schoolgirl after she took her to watch Matilda musical.

“Sarah Barton, 37, admitted to having sex with the female pupil in a hotel room after arranging a trip to London to see the Roald Dahl play”

According to Mirror: The Essex teacher, who was head of drama and dance, also had sex with the pupil in fields and in her car, a disciplinary hearing heard.

And she contacted her via WhatsApp so their messages could not be traced, the National College for Teaching and Leadership was told.

Barton – who had organized the trip to the theatre in London to watch the hit musical – has now been banned from the classroom for life.

She was told she will never teach again after admitting 12 allegations of misconduct at the teacher disciplinary panel in July.

The images of Barton, which emerged today, show the teacher posing for a selfie in a blue dress and smiling at the camera in a fascinator.

They come as the NSPCC has slammed Barton in a statement to Mirror Online, saying it is “right” that she has been banned from the classroom.

A spokesman for the children’s charity said: “As a teacher, Barton was trusted by pupils, parents, her school and the local community to put pupils’ welfare first.

“Instead she abused their trust for her own sexual gratification.

“Teachers play a vital role in safeguarding and it is, therefore, right that she is banned from a profession which would have seen her working in close proximity and having contact with children on a daily basis.”

The panel had heard how Barton had struck up a friendship with the girl.

Soon the pair were regularly meeting in private and Barton would later brag to friends she had slept with the pupil in her car and in fields in the local area.

Summarizing the findings, chair of the misconduct panel Mark Tweedle said: “Witness 1 states that you told her you had sex in your car with Pupil A and it is a natural inference that this happened after you had picked up Pupil A in your car.

“We acknowledge that Pupil A’s parents gave their permission for their daughter to be in your car.

“However, this permission must clearly only have been given on the basis that there was a legitimate teacher/pupil relationship between you and their daughter.

“On balance, we find this allegation proved.”

Despite being told by friends not to take the pupil on the overnight trip, Barton took the youngster to the theatre last June – and even spent the night in the hotel.

Written by Colby

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