Son Puts Himself Up for Adoption After Fathers Prank Video Goes Viral

That took a wild twist. A recent video has gone viral of a son and a father. The father was filming the son take pictures for Instagram in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

Once the father got out his camera and pressed record he swerved the vehicle to ruin his sons Instagram photo shoot.

What happened was the sons drink slammed against the window and literally exploded all over the vehicle.

I am not sure what he was drinking but the way it exploded looked like a 72 ounce ice mocha because it went everywhere inside the truck.

Looks to me like the son got the last laugh because I would not want to be the one who had to clean off that mess.

It got all over the window and his sticky sugary drink drained down into the door.

That type of stuff gives me anxiety having sticky residue everywhere.


The son then stares into the camera and freaks out leading to solid recipe for a viral video.

The son got a lot of heat on Facebook and other platforms for wearing makeup. This was one of the male culprits for the video going viral.

Everyone flocked to the comment section to voice their opinion on the son wearing makeup. It is 2019 and people still have some very harsh opinions online. It is just the way of the world now I guess.


I actually had posted the video on my Facebook page which was removed for hate speech thanks to the comment section of the video.

It was definitely brutal and the high volume of comments kicked the video into a viral atmosphere.

After the video appeared basically everywhere I have had someone send me this tweet.


It looks very skeptical to me. Maybe someone possibly made it up.

They said they know them from high school and this is in fact their Twitter but who knows. Its the internet and not everything is true.

First key is the egg as a thumbnail. This is a dead giveaway. Now you are asking yourself why am I posting it then.


Well the person who sent it to me says it is 100% them and even showed me pictures with the person. You be the judge.

I am not sure if this falls under the viral sensation as the wide neck guy. I do not think this person will blow up on social media like the others have in the past for no talent such as the Cash Me Ousside girl who now has over 15 million followers on Instagram.

If you dont believe me well then take a look.


Pretty crazy how someone can literally explode all of the world for being disrespectful to their parents. she is now a full blown rap sensation but I will admit… her music is not terrible.

Ok back to this guy. We all go through weird phases in high school. No need to gang up on the guy for a weird makeup phase. If that is even a thing. I remember in high school I would gel my hair. Look at me now. I don’t have hair. It was just a phase haha.

Here is the video if you have no seen it yet:

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