Somehow These Girls Are Still Friends After Constantly Pranking Each Other On Snapchat

From slapping each other right in the vag to dumping entire bags of flour on each other in the shower, these girls know how to prank.

They really don’t have any chill when it comes to how far they will go. You will see in this video below they are just walking down the street when one of the girls just pushes another into the bushes!

With their success, these girls have gotten their fair share of haters. One person on Facebook wrote: “Call me a sexist but me and my buddies have been doing this stuff for years and putting it on the internet. We never get more than 100 views. you guys are only popular because you show your tits and ass.. gay” 

Classic hater comment there. Does it help that these girls double as pranksters and models? Hell yeah! But they have a message to the haters:

I will tell you one thing… These girls know what they are doing. In just one day their newest prank video has already got over 4 million views! That is insane…

Check out the video below:


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If you haven’t seen these girls before here is another one of their videos. This one only has 13 million views since May 31st. No big deal.

😂😂😂😂 how are we all still friends 🤷‍♀️ follow us on instagram: @eighty83threeofficial

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