Security Camera Captures Vegas Hooker Before & After Long Night

The life doesn’t seem as glamours as I thought. Last time I was in Vegas I was hit on 4 times. I am not the best looking dude and I was not playing at the high roller table. That just goes to show you what the demand is now for these girls.

There are more hookers on the strip and they are all looking for that one thing. Money. They didn’t care that I was wearing a Shawn Kemp throwback jersey with sandals and socks. They want the $$$$!

Security cam footage shows the before and after effects of this hooker’s eventful evening.

This first timestamp of them getting off the elevator shows 1:42 (I am guessing AM but Vegas is wild, this could be midday)

The next time we see her is 5:21 on the timestamp. With a little different look.

Checkout the full video below.

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Written by Colby

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