Seahawks Fan Kyle Removes “Super Bowl 50 Champs” Tattoo That Went Viral

After the crazy game on Sunday that ended the Seattle Seahawks’ play off run this fan has nothing but regrets over his recent tattoo.

When down 31 to nothing after the first half against the Panthers the Seahawks almost made one of the greatest comebacks in history by putting up 24 points in the second half. Unfortunately they weren’t able to beat out Cam Newton’s squad, which left a sour taste is most of Seatle’s fans’ mouths. One fan in particular was extra burned, after getting a premature Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 50 tattoo he was reported all over the internet after their crushing defeat for his stupid mistake. Now that they are out of the Super Bowl this season he has decided to speak out about it and the possibility of getting the tattoo removed.

You can watch the Seahawks fan explain himself fully in the video below:

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