Rude Today Show Host Can’t Stand Her Guest, Guest Responds

If there’s one dude we, as young men, have to thank for a broader view of all things science, it’s Bill Nye. Host and names sake of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” which was a staple of afternoon TV, Bill Nye continues to instill a fascination with all things science in the next generation of kids, coming through. Not only is his content interesting, but also he challenges kids not to be ignorant and actually find out the answers to questions on their minds.

This credibility and noble quest that Nye is on makes the video below incredibly hard to watch. Asked to appear on NBC’s Today Show as an expert to corroborate little known scientific facts, the show’s host displayed not only rudeness but outright disdain for Nye’s responses. The lack of respect has been absolutely scathed by viewers who have even questioned how one of the show’s hosts (Kathie Lee Gifford) hasn’t been pulled up by their boss for their behavior.

Sweet Bowtie / Credit: Ozzyman Reviews

Let’s not forget that Nye is one of the great minds out there who is able to talk to, and engage a huge audience. He was making a special appearance as part of ‘Earth Day’ that the show was celebrating. After explaining in detail with a visual representation of a whopping 15-inch snowflake. Gifford appeared exaggeratedly exhausted even as Nye was explaining.

Bill wasn’t describing his girth / Credit Today Show

We don’t know if she was drunk, or whether she merely didn’t realise the camera was on her. But the tension that her reaction created when Nye was actually explaining something pretty radical, was absolutely palpable. Nye looked at his distracted host with derision in his eyes, obviously internally upset her her lack of professionalism,

He was not a happy man / Credit: Today Show

The rest of the interview attracted smart-ass responses from Gifford as she threw to her roving co-host with little care for the feelings or respect for her own guest’s credibility. A number of one-time viewers who saw the clip said that it is this kind of treatment and behaviour that saw them defect to other morning shows.

Morning pick me up / Credit Today Show

You can check out the appalling display, and also learn some rad science facts here!

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