Fanatic Posts About Rifle & Heels Then Gets Absolutely Roasted on Twitter

I’m a simple man. I see something funny on the internet and I pass it along to you guys.

I have zero political stance towards any of this but I think this is what fueled the roasting.

Kaitlin Bennet apparently is a rifle fanatic and this seems to have been the reason to generate this type of response.

I checked through some of her recent posts on Twitter and she is definitely a person who will do anything to stir the pot.

Here is the original tweet posted and it didn’t take long to start the roasting.


She looks like a quiet, nice, sweet girl but after watching some of her other content she is very outspoken and essentially just an internet troll.

She does what she can to get a reaction and this apparently is her peak and most likely she is loving the attention even if it is negative attention.

Here are a handful of the roast tweets aimed at her and it is amazing.

Some of you may be wondering why we are picking on this nice girl. We are aren’t. Roasts are just hilarious when the person basically is asking for it.

Her goal was to get people riled up and it definitely worked. I do not even care about her political position. I just love a nice internet roast when one is deserved. So please enjoy.


It’s all fun and games in the end. She actually played into her own roasting by retweeting multiple roasts.

Regardless her political stance I can definitely respect that side of her. She could have raged and deleted but she did not.

Some times you gotta be able to laugh at yourself to appreciate life. I am glad she doesn’t walk around super uptight over everything. 

So who ever you are girl… thanks for having a good sense of humor at the end of the day.


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