PornHub Releases Most Searched Terms for 2018 and It Gets Weird

Searches for the hit game ‘Fortnite’ also defined 2018 as it skyrocketed from obscurity to one of our Top 20 searches of the year. Each time a new Fortnite character was released, searches would increase dramatically. You can check out all of our Top Video Game Character Searches below.

According to Dr Laurie Betito, Director of the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center, “searches like these serve as an indication that people use this site to not only satisfy sexual urges but also to get a different angle on something they are already interested in. To see a famous character or hot topic in a sexual context.”


Fantasy plays a big role in pornography (and indeed in human sexuality), so it’s only natural that people will desire seeing sexual scenarios involving the game characters they emotionally connect with. In April when Fortnite’s servers crashed, searches for Fortnite increased by as much as 60% over a 24 hour period.

2018 saw Pornhub’s average visit duration grow by 14 seconds to 10 minutes and 13 seconds. While some visitors may be taking more time to watch videos and make use of Pornhub’s community features, time on site can reflect many factors including the speed of broadband and mobile internet bandwidth available in different regions.


Still topping the list of the most fapptapular countries is the Philippines with an impressively long lasting time of 13 minutes and 50 seconds, up a further 22 seconds from 2017. In fact all our top 20 countries managed to last a bit longer in 2018, with the exception of South Africans who managed to get the job done 5 seconds quicker than they did last year.

While still coming up a bit short, visitors from Japan increased their average visit time by nearly a minute in 2018. For the second year in a row, Russia comes and goes faster than any other top 20 country at only 7 minutes and 48 seconds.


Fortnite Season 6 has arrived, and just like Season 5, it has Pornhub visitors very excited. Forbes asked Pornhub’s statisticians to dig deeper into the data. Following the launch, searches containing Fortnite more than doubled on Pornhub. And seeing as Fortnite has remained in Pornhub’s Top 25 search terms through most of 2018, that equates to hundreds of thousands of additional searches per day.

So what is it that these Fortnite fans are searching for? The most popular search is “Fortnite hentai”, followed by “Fortnite porn”, “Fortnite parody” and “Fortnite cosplay”. Many of the searches are related to specific characters. Season 5’s “Sun Strider” still tops the character searches, followed by 4’s “Zoey”.


New to Season 6, cowgirl “Calamity” is now the third most popular character search. Calamity arrived with some controversy when players found that her breasts had a very prominent jiggle. Naturally, bouncing boobs have no place in a video game so they were promptly firmed-up by Epic Games in a patch.

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