Popular YouTuber Blasted For Photoshopping ‘Body Image” Pics

Oopsies. There is only so much you can get away with on the internet.

And once you hit a massive level of fame with tons of fans, a lot more people will be paying attention, hoping that you fail, slip out, or do anything to derail your career.

Tana Mongeau has millions of followers a crossed her social media, and this isn’t the first time she has been called out for photoshopping her pics.

This is actually the 11th time in my deep dive of browsing. BUT also the first time, there was another camera rolling where the pics went down.

This is also the first time her and the other girl pictured in the photo removed the picture.

Nothing says I didn’t do it like deleting the evidence.

The post started going viral after twitter user Colossal is Crazy shared these 3 pics.

Credit: Instagram/tanamongeau

You might not think anything of this, it looks like all of her other pics on IG. But there was more.

And another

Tana’s fans started coming out blasting people sharing these for “body shaming” and saying they photoshopped them. That is where this video comes in to play

You can’t deny that video.

There have also been multiple other “proof videos” posted this year:

No point DENYING being a Try Hard, @tanamongeau we celebrate it! Butt since you insist, let’s take a closer look at exhibit b-b-b-b-b- B…— 💀 Nerd City 🤖 (@nerdcity) September 21, 2017

Now we aren’t here to body shame. She is a very good looking girl but resorting to photoshopping your public pictures to change your image should be highly frowned upon.

Yes it is a very sensitive subject but if I photoshopped hair on my head (I am bald) then regardless of whether you cared I about me being bald or not you would call me out.

Here he proof she is actually very cute yet she had to try and fake out the internet.

Credit: Instagram/tanamongeau
Credit: Instagram/tanamongeau
Credit: Instagram/tanamongeau

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