Politician Claims Nigerians Are ‘Ordering Pizza Pie From London And victimization British Airways For Delivery’

When it involves ordering dish, that 0.5 AN hour delivery waiting time will desire a time period. however simply imagine having to attend seven hours before movement to your native landing field before obtaining the possibility to sink your teeth into a delicious chintzy slice.

That’s apparently the truth facing variety of Nigerians WHO have reportedly been ordering dish from London and having it delivered four,000 miles via British Airways flights. that is some serious dish dedication.

The rather uncommon claims came from the country’s Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, 71, WHO declared at Senate Committee earlier this week: “Do you recognize, sir, that there are Nigerians WHO use their cellphones to import dish from London?

“They provide London, they create it on British Airways within the morning to choose up at the landing field.

“It may be a terribly annoying state of affairs and that we ought to move plenty quicker in thinning out a number of these items.”

Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.

His statements were in reaction to the Nigerian government’s plans to chop down on the importation of products, because it is exceptional exportation and allegedly damaging the country’s economy.

Regardless of the context, the claims that BA moonlights as a dish delivery service has crystal rectifier to ridicule on-line.

One Twitter user wrote, “Dear @British_Airways, why you did not tell US you run a dish delivery service to Nigeria? Is there AN app for this?”

Others were fast to question what the matter was: “If a Nigerian needs to import dish from Jupiter, America, wit his cash, that’s his business. All the govt. have (sic) to try to to is tax him/her for luxury product.”

Another even went on to means previous statements created by Ogbeh, writing: “Same guy aforesaid he needs to import grass for Nigerian cows from Brazil. Same guy aforementioned Nigerians eat an excessive amount of rice. Same guy aforementioned NSCDC are deployed to farms to resolve farmers/herders violence.”

So whether or not Nigerians have in reality been paying through the roof to own dish delivered to the country or this is often merely a narrative isn’t entirely clear – however it’s definitely got folks appreciating the convenience of recent delivery services.

One dandy WHO got Domino’s delivered to his bed could not even face walking downstairs for his food, including waiting 0.5 each day before movement to his native airdrome. It kind of defeats the full object of ‘fast food’.

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