People on Facebook Roast the Shit Out of Man Wanted by Police

Everyone knows I love when the internet can come together as one and do something good. Sometimes it may be taking down a creep on the internet. Other times it could be catching a bad guy, or in this case, coming together and just ROASTING some criminal.

Literally burning him to a crisp!   This guy does look pretty earritated about getting roasted so bad.

Canterbury Police shared a mugshot of William Vincent who had a warrant for his arrest. They posted the pic in the hope of catching him. What they got instead was a comedy central roast! He looks VERY “ear” responsible!

Check out the roasting he got on Facebook.

Verizon needs him to do their commercials… “Can you ear me now?”

This post will be ear today and gone tomoz when the snitches shed a black tear

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Written by Colby

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