People are Calling This Game The Next Pokemon GO

Ever wanted to build a home base right where you live? How about placing outposts around town, or around the world, wherever you visit? That’s where this new game, Atlas Empires, comes in. The creators are promising it to be the next big thing in 2018, but over 50,000 gamers have already signed up for the open beta that starts later this year.
The concept of the game is pretty impressive – claim a plot of land on the real world. Build and improve a base on that plot of land. Find loot around town when you’re out and about. The loot can be wood, stone, gold, or other materials that help you improve your base even more.
Players can earn more land claims to place outposts wherever they visit around the world. These outposts can be farms, mills, or mines, generating resources passively so that you can continue to improve your base.
The creators also promise that you can find mercenaries when you walk around too. Discovering a mercenary means you can recruit them – finding more mercenaries of the same type allow you to train them in Augmented reality.

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If you or anyone you know is interested in getting on the beta, click the link below. The developers are accepting up to 4,000 alpha testers world wide as well. For now, alpha testers need to buy in for a minimum of $5, but get to test the game and make suggestions with the rest of the community. Click Here:

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