Parents Forced To Send Their Kids to Rehab Over Fortnite Addictions

WHAT?! You have to be kidding me… You have to be some sort of stupid to send your kid to rehab for a video game… This is like people who complain that they are being online bullied – YOU JUST LOG OFF! You go outside! You do something else!

As a parent, this should be a pretty simple fix. Before you send your kid to an expensive rehab, how about you just hit the switch to his room. Maybe remove the xbox, playstation or gameboy! ANYTHING!

This just makes you look bad!

According to Bloomberg: “Debbie Vitany is fighting a losing battle against Fortnite.

Her 17-year-old son, Carson, has been logging 12 hours a day on the video game, searching for weapons and resources in a post-apocalyptic world where the goal is being the last person standing. Teachers complain he falls asleep in class and his grades have plummeted.

“We’d made some progress in getting him to cut down his Fortnite hours and get better sleep, but he’s slipped back into his old habits,” Vitany, who lives near Saginaw, Michigan, said in an interview. “I’ve never seen a game that has such control over kids’ minds.”


Vitany’s anguish is echoed by an army of other parents, teachers and bosses around the world grappling with a game that sucks up hours of players’ time — sometimes to the detriment of other activities. More than 200 million people have registered to play Fortnite, which has become a billion-dollar business for its creator, Epic Games Inc. Some desperate parents have sent their kids to rehab.

“This game is like heroin,” said Lorrine Marer, a British behavioral specialist who works with kids battling game addiction. “Once you are hooked, it’s hard to get unhooked.”

Epic has issued past warnings about avoiding Fortnite scammers, but it declined to comment on the addiction issue.

Kids will be kids, but in the end, you can still have somewhat control over them, you bought them the system, they live in your house, and you still make the rules.

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