Paraglider Lands absolutely In Australia, solely To Be instantly Attacked By A kangaroo.

Some stories that build their thanks to the web are undeniably Australian – this is often one among them.

A man WHO was enjoying a pleasant paragliding trip Down beneath was pissed once, upon landing, he got punched by a kangaroo.

Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.

Jonathan Bishop was returning in to land at Orroral valley in Namadgi parkland when one or two of the animals came around to mention greeting – very little did he grasp they weren’t feeling all that friendly.

After the 35-year-old says how-do-you-do to ‘Skip’, one among the hopping mad locals bounds over to require a swing at him, before making an attempt to push him to the bottom.

The paraglider tells the kangaroo to ‘fuck off’ whereas making an attempt to deflect his hairy fists. fortunately the dandy had his GoPro on thus he caught the row on camera.

Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.

It makes for a fairly funny watch, notably because the guy’s friendly welcome turns to swearing once he realises the kangas weren’t there for cuddles.

Although he free from the attack uninjured, his ego was actually bruised. He’d simply finished a two-hour trip and if it weren’t for the aggy marsupials that would’ve been the proper landing. higher luck next time, chuck.

But his troubles did not finish there, ITV News reported that because of a scarcity of phone reception at the park, poor recent Jon had to close up his paraglider and walk many miles before he was ready to contact a lover to come back get him. seems like it simply wasn’t his day.

Source/Credit: Google and Third Party Image.

On the and aspect, a minimum of the animals did not stick around to cause any real injury. however maybe, simply to get on the safe aspect he ought to hit up the unbelievable man UN agency got into a clenched fist fight with a kangaroo when it attacked his dog.

Remember that guy? some years back, he became a web sensation once the video of him punching the animal right within the kisser in true MMA vogue went viral.

The ‘roo, clearly aghast by the hit, merely stares at the person and his dog before hopping away into the space to eat a large slice of humble pie.

Perhaps if those WHO attacked our brother Jon caught a glimpse of this guy, they would not are feeling thus brave

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