Package Thief Has No Idea Homeowner Is Ready And Waiting, Has The Perfect Plan (video)

Online shopping has become the rave of the moment nowadays. Almost everyone has ordered something over the internet at one point or the other. We all love to see our shopping delivered right to our front porch directly rather than spend waste time at the mall. But Like every good invention, bad people will always find a way to take advantage of the situation. Because these packages are delivered directly to people home right in the plain view of a passer-by.

Package thieves take advantage of the situation and make away with people’s ordered goods.

Package thieves take advantage of the situation and make away with people’s ordered goods.

Cases of package theft are becoming a serious problem law enforcement officers are finding it hard to tackle. A recent survey revealed that nearly one-third of respondents have experienced their ordered items being stolen from their front porch.

Because of this many people refrain from buying expensive items for fear of having them stolen. One man who has suffered endlessly at the hand of package thieves and has had his ordered goods stolen several times felt he has had enough and decided to do something about it. Is the invention is quite ingenious and outrightly hilarious?

Barrow stated that after he had reported the incidences to the police several times without them being able to catch the thieves he decided to do something on his own to deter the miscreants.

“Like most people, I have everything delivered, from expensive car parts to toilet paper. So, they’ve pretty much-taken everything. I think the police are just inundated with this kind of occurrence now. You forward it to them, but if you have hundreds of them coming in, the manpower isn’t there for them to investigate all of them.
After they started taking my expensive Jeep parts is where I drew a line in the sand. ” Barrow explained.

Barrow’s intention to scare the package thieves off is simple yet creative. It’s just a modernized version of the scarecrow only this one does not involve a stick man with a pumpkin head. His setup consists of fishing wire and a 12-gauge shotgun blank which he used to rig a sort of booby trap that the thieves would never suspect and would scare them out their pants.

He would set “TheblankBox” as he called it up on his front porch like a regular package and when the unsuspecting their comes along to steal it, it would make a loud noise similar to a gunshot wound that would scare the cr-iminal out of their wits and them scurrying away like scared rats. Barrow set up his invention on his porch and set security cameras to capture the hilarious success of his smart invention.

The super funny video that showed the funny reactions of the shocked thieves was shared online and has been viewed more than 23 million times. Everybody is impressed with Barrow’s invention. Who wouldn’t want to see the thieves get what they deserved in an instant?

“One guy actually was trying to run so fast that he forgot there was a step there and missed it. He looked like he was trying to do the invisible box challenge in the air, like Roadrunner. He hit the ground pretty hard and didn’t look back and kept running for his getaway car.”

Although there are concerns about the safety of Barrow’s Scare box and the possibility of legal issues arising barrow believes it is absolutely safe and no one can get hurt.

“It’s safe minus some scrapes and bumps. All these people get to live to see another day. I don’t think there’s any harm in it. It’s not explosive; it’s a loud noise. Like a car alarm or any other alarm, it’s just a noise to deter theft.” Barrow said.

Many people have found barrow’s invention quite interesting and he has even made a business out of it, making more of the Boxes and selling it off online for $59.99. if you are interested in getting Barrow’s scare box you can order it online too, let’s hope some thieves don’t try to steal it off your porch too. Or do we?

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